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Learn more about my current writing projects. I'm working on two fantasy novels that I hope to publish one day. Each will be the first in a series of thrilling adventures.

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Book cover for Chase Charaba's The Enchanter's Retribution. Covers featured a hooded figure behind a woman with a bow and a wolf.

The Enchanter's Retribution

The Enchanter’s Retribution is the first book in my planned Rivithel epic fantasy series. The novel is set on the planet of Rivithel nearly one thousand years following the War of the Gods. It follows Arrellia Sharp, her brother Audric, and their grandfather Oakley as they respond to the King’s summons to the capital city to help defend against an emerging political crisis. Meanwhile, an enchanter seeks revenge against the Sharp siblings for the actions of their parents two decades earlier.


Young noblewoman Arrellia Sharp abandoned high society for a simple life, one where she could truly make a difference in the world. But when her grandfather accepts the king’s offer to take up his former position as Chancellor, she uncovers a conspiracy that threatens everything. As the kingdom teeters on civil war, Arrellia must align with sorcerers and politicians to save her family from an enchanter's retribution.

Project status

Rewrite in-progress.

148,312 words in the previous draft.

Project history

I started writing this novel in 2013 for my first time participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Then titled The Prophecy of Euphinor, I based the novel on a prequel I wrote in seventh grade to a short story from elementary school. I drafted 50,016 words that year, following it up with the second half of the story in 2014 (another 50,066 words). 

In 2015, I retitled the novel A Clash of Crimson and reworked the plot slightly. I wrote a new draft of 50,055 words that November and continued the second half in 2016.

I took a break from working on the novel after July 2017 to focus on Firgrove, my other fantasy project. 

I reworked the plot again in 2018 to reflect everything I’d learned about crafting a compelling story. Instead of drafting whatever I felt like, I applied the three-act story structure for the first time. I wrote 60,171 words of the improved story in November 2018 and continued drafting the second part in 2019, adding another 50,449 words. 

I continued reworking the plot and the world throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022, adding new characters and fleshing out the protagonist's fears and misbeliefs about the world. The unfinished novel reached more than 140,000 words.

Then, in 2023 I overhauled the plot once more, changing the trajectory of the entire planned series. I also made the difficult decision to cut one of my favorite characters I’ve created (though I’d still love to write something featuring him!). I retitled the novel The Enchanter’s Retribution to reflect the major changes. 

Book cover for Chase Charaba's Firgrove. Cover shows Mount Rainier and dark woods behind Ern's Diner.


Firgrove is the first book in my planned Eskaden Chronicles contemporary fantasy series. The novel is set in the fictional town of Firgrove, Washington. The story follows protagonist Crew Turner as he adapts to life in his new home amidst a series of brutal murders in town.


High schooler Crew Turner tries to live up to his dead brother’s legacy by doing everything in his power to get into university and follow in his footsteps. But his father uproots the family to a small town in Washington where nothing is as it seems. Crew must uncover the truth about the town’s murder spree, and discover that there is more to the world than what meets the eye.

Project status

The first draft is in progress.

Currently at 78,569 words.

Project history

I came up with the initial idea for Firgrove from a dream. I started planning and writing some scenes for the novel in 2015, then titled The Other Half. While the story doesn’t resemble the current plot, much of the lore I’m building for the series started then.

The novel never progressed beyond a few scenes and sketches until 2017, when I decided to make it my primary project for NaNoWriMo. I only wrote 19,796 words in November of that year, as the story wasn’t quite ready. I spent the next few months revising the plot and improving my writing, adding another 20,000 words in 2018. 

I tackled the project again in 2020, rewriting the beginning and drafting 40,528 words during Camp NaNoWriMo in April of that year. I wrote another 9,683 in July 2020.

Firgrove has mostly been on hold since then to focus on The Enchanter’s Retribution, but I have done some work editing and refining my existing draft. 

Other writing projects

I’ve come up with many ideas over the years, but only The Enchanter’s Retribution and Firgrove have advanced beyond a chapter or two (excluding my many novellas in elementary and junior high school). 

One project I’ve outlined but placed on hold until I finish my other novels is an epic fantasy featuring dragons with some fun family drama. I’ve also outlined a sci-fi/political novel inspired by some role-playing I used to do on NationStates, a site where you create and run a fictional country. I also have an idea for a stand-alone young adult novel.

How I discovered my love for writing

My love for writing began in fourth grade with a series of short stories I wrote. They followed the adventures of a group of teenagers saving their small island city from various dangers. I wrote my next two short stories in fifth grade. Avakt’s Treachery was a 7,400-word short story featuring talking animals in a style similar to Warriors or Redwall. In sixth grade, I wrote a sequel to Avakt’s Treachery called The Truth. This 15,000-word story expanded the scope of the world and explained the main character’s origins a bit more.

These stories were a fun way to pass the time, and I quickly realized I wanted to be a writer. 

After starting and abandoning many projects in junior high (including a science fiction piece), I wanted to get some professional writing experience. I realized I needed a way to support my dream of writing until I could finish my first book. So, I job-shadowed a newspaper editor, as journalism seemed another way to expand my skills while writing. 

I fell in love with journalism and joined my high school newspaper as a reporter. By my senior year, I served as co-editor-in-chief and helped lead the paper to a tenth-place finish at a national best-of-show competition. I continued writing for my college newspaper, where I also served as editor-in-chief.

Post-college, I’ve written professionally for many businesses as a content marketing specialist. To date, I’ve written hundreds of blog posts and articles with total views in excess of 400,000. 

All the while, I’ve never lost sight of my dream to become a published author.